heal from the inside out

by Dani on September 13, 2013

My dear friend and fellow holistic healer, Natalia Ria and I are thrilled to be launching our Heal From the Inside Out program at Moksha Uptown this month!

We have been asked some questions about the program so we’ve created a Q+A to share a bit about our backgrounds and how we came to heal.

heal from the inside out

A little bit about us…

Natalia (N): About 7 years ago I stepped on the path of transformation following a plunge into darkness-I was depressed, struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse, in a dysfunctional relationship and in a job I hated. I had no sense of who I was nor why I was here. So I embarked on a journey to India where I lived for 3 months at an ashram, exposing myself to as many alternative healing methods and spiritual practices as I could. When I returned home, I dedicated my life to healing myself and pursuing studies in holistic therapies. What I discovered along the way is that no matter which path I took, the destination was one and the same: the heart and the love inherent within myself. Today, my life is filled with ease, co-creative manifestation, freedom and joy. My journey out of darkness gave birth to the belief that self love and compassion are the greatest healing gems hidden within ourselves.

Danielle (D): I experienced depression, anxiety and binge eating disorder for a long time to copy with several negative events in my life. I came to learn and appreciate the value of life and changed my diet and lifestyle to one that creates positivity and balance between my mind and body. My about my story here.

What does the idea of “healing from the inside out” mean to you?

N: It is the courageous and beautiful process of turning within and meeting the most vulnerable and hurt parts of ourselves with compassion, presence and love.

D: It is using mindfulness as a way to heal both emotionally and physically. Adjusting your think to living day by day and moment to moment is very therapeutic and helpful in the process.

How does our emotional health affect our physical health and vice versa?

N: Our emotions cause many chemicals to be released by the brain into the body-we’ve got happy chemicals and not so happy chemicals. They are responsible for our moods and how we feel in general. Prolonged periods of distressing emotions and emotional states produce a chemistry within the body, mainly through stress hormones, that leads to the breakdown of the vital systems that maintain health and balance. This is followed by thought patterns that support those emotional states and the stress cycle between the mind and body is formed.

D: How we feel directly affects our physical health – for example, when you are stressed out you will not digest food as well, long-term this can create a lot of digestive issues. Constant stress weakens the immune system. If you binge or emotional eat, this can cause weight gain, low self esteem and poor overall health.

What do you want participants to take away from the program?

N: The most important things I intend to pass on are the knowledge and tools that made it possible for me to walk the journey of conscious transformation. My intention is to empower participants with a thorough understanding of the mind-body connection, the power latent within to transform whatever is no longer serving them and practical and incredibly powerful tools to make it all possible. The shorter answer would be: self love.

D: The foundation of nutrition and how to create positive changes in your body, mind and essentially life through optimal nutrition and mindful living. An understanding of self love and self compassion and the ability to believe in themselves as agents of positive change.

What are your favourite 3 ways to restore and centre yourself?

N: Connecting with nature, mindfulness & relaxation and gratitude

D: Vinyasa yoga, long walks through the forest and drinking green juice

We hope you will join us for this exciting program!


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1 Gillian September 14, 2013 at 7:26 am

This sounds great!


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