prepare for winter now

by Dani on September 25, 2013

We’re only just entering Fall but before you know it, Winter will descend upon us and I want to make sure you are good and ready! For my Canadian friends, you understand that Winter here means sub-zero temperatures, days without sunshine and getting hit by the common cold. If you’re like me Fall and Winter means dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, an often times incapacitating condition.

Instead of waiting for Winter to hit and potentially struggling through it, I say prepare now – create habits that will help you get through the cold season in a healthy and happy way.

prepare for winter now

Ways to prepare for Winter now:

Vitamin D – We obtain vitamin D from certain foods, supplements and sun exposure. It helps our bodies absorb calcium, remodel our bones, improve our mood and enhance our immune system among a host of other amazing functions. Throughout Spring and Summer, your body makes vitamin D through contact with your skin but during the Winter, the sun’s rays are not strong enough to synthesize vitamin D. Eating vitamin D rich foods and supplementing are a good idea to help prevent deficiency and can have positive effects on Seasonal Affective Disorder. As always, please contact your health practitioner before using supplements.

Exercise – One of the easiest ways to improve our moods is through exercise. Maybe you join a bootcamp or attend a yoga class a few times a week to get yourself into a routine now so that you will carry this through the Winter months. This will keep your spirits high and help to keep Winter weight off.

Detox – A whole food, plant-based detox (such as my Fall ReBoot Detox) is great to do post-Summer and pre-Winter. Maybe you had one too many beers or dairy-free gelato or perhaps there is some disconnect between your mind and body. A safe and gentle detox can help to boost your immune system, improve your mood, lower inflammation and improve digestion – all things that are helpful before Winter.

Water – Such a simple thing but keeping hydrated through the cooler months is important to: flush out toxins, help with the digestion of food and many other biochemical reactions, carry nutrients to all of our cells and regulate our body temperature.

Stock-up – Purchasing in-season fruits and veggies to make meals to freeze will be helpful when you get home from work and it’s dark and you are tired and don’t want to cook. You can simply take a soup or stew out of the freezer to thaw and you’ll have something ready by the time you’re home.

And if at all possible, book yourself a relaxing vacation to a hot destination. There are tons of great yoga and eco-retreats available. Personally, I’d like to visit California, I’m pretty sure I’m destined to live there!

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