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As much as I consider myself a hippie chick, working as an Executive Assistant with a corporate job means I need to be a less Stevie Nicks and a little more put together. I try where I can to bring a bit of ethical, eco-friendly and mindful style into my look through accessories, loose flowing tops with skinny jeans and shoes with a conscious.

I do believe that you can be a fashionista with a heart. It can be extremely frustrating at times to find vegan clothes that are both stylish and ethical. I still don’t quite understand why a large percentage of veg-friendly shoes are chunky and clunky. Shopping on Etsy, second-hand and vintage shops + online at eco-friendly boutiques are a few great ways to find unique pieces that won’t break the bank and go with your cruelty-free lifestyle.

We know accessories make the outfit. Here are 5 of my favourite accessories that are beautiful, mindful and office appropriate:

mindful accessories


Matt & Nat is a really cool, super stylish handbag company based out of Montreal. The bags are made from vegan leather, cork and recycled materials – the lining of the bags are made from recycled pop bottles! The majority of Matt & Nat bags come well under the $200 mark, making them affordable and they remain quite durable unlike many of the cheaper, polyurethane bags out there. They have a large selection of styles and come out with new colours a few times a year. Another cool tidbit is they are a vegan company and have potlucks at the end of each month (we vegans love our potlucks!)


I can’t say enough positive things about Mala Collective. This Vancouver-based company is ethical and fair-trade in partnership with residents of Bali, where the malas are handmade. Mala beads, both necklaces and bracelets are traditionally used for meditation and prayer although as of late they have become a fashionable item to wear. I purchased several mala bracelets for myself and some girlfriends, whom I knew would love them as much as I do. Wearing a mala bracelet is a great reminder to stay mindful and present during often hectic and stressful workdays. Mala Collective offers a variety of different gemstones and intentions to choose from so you can find the one that is just right for you!


Vegan shoes. Often hard to find. Often hard to find nice ones. That is just one reason I love Toms. This company is known for their One For One movement. You buy a pair of Toms shoes or glasses and Toms gives a pair of shoes or glasses to a child in need. Doesn’t get much better than that! Not all Toms are vegan. This is a source of contention for me because if they have a vegan collection, why not just make all the shoes vegan? On the bright side, they do have a collection of vegan shoes that are cute and ethical.


Every boho babe needs a Tiny Devotions mala necklace. This company knows what they’re doing from design to branding. They have truly created a lifestyle and community of mindful, intention based living. They have a large assortment of mala bracelets and necklace each with their own intention. I feel Tiny Devotions malas are the perfect accessory for the mindful girl to inspire positivity and peace and act as a gorgeous piece of jewelry.


The lunch bag. Maybe not an accessory in the traditional sense of the word but carrying around your quinoa salad and fruit in a cute cooler bag is definitely a nicer option than a plastic bag. SoYoung offers a selection of small and large cooler bags (and diaper bags, but I have no use for that) with gorgeous prints appropriate for both children and adults. These bags are made of coated linen and are PVC, Pthalate, and BPA-Free. Mindfully eat in style!

What are your favourite mindful accessories?

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