“Highest praise goes to the holistic nutrition services Danielle Felip offers through Enlightened Life! Danielle has an incredible knowledge of food, nutrition, and health, and a passion for supporting others. Through her friendly, enthusiastic, and compassionate approach, she provides up-to-date information, helpful suggestions, and encouragement to her clients in addressing their food, mood and health needs. In our work together, Danielle created a customized food, supplement, and lifestyle protocol for me including a comprehensive meal plan. She and I connected conveniently by Skype and touched base by email often. Danielle was very open to my feedback and expertly worked to ensure the plan was meeting my needs. She has helped me address concerns related to weight loss, vegetarianism, health, mood, and physical activity, and has supported my goals  and provided encouragement in all areas of my life. Many thanks, Danielle, for helping me change my outlook on food, nutrition and what it means to feel and be ‘healthy’!” – Emily M.

“I know this may sound corny, but the Sensational YOU Summer Detox has been LIFE CHANGING! I did not do the detox to lose weight like most people do. I have suffered from severe heart burn and stomach pains for years and years without any explanation of why. It was my hope that the detox would help me find out which foods were triggering my heart burn. During the detox, I removed all of the foods on the avoid list. I drank a lot of diet pop and ate a lot of chips and chocolate. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I found foods I enjoyed to eat. I tried foods I never tried before. I even lost 5 pounds I didn’t know I needed to lose. I am now a week past the last transition day of detox and I feel unbelievable! I have not added some foods back into my diet like meat, dairy and gluten and I may never eat them again. I am happier. I have more energy. I sleep better. I am living a better life and loving it.” – Danielle B.